Link to a recorded webinar: LINK


Dear ECPP Members,
It has been my privilege to be President of ECPP for the last 9 months.
Although it has not been without excitement, it has been a real pleasure.
I have had the chance to meet with many of you face-to-face or online, in congresses and meetings.
It is my wish to be as open and transparent as I can be about our great organisation – and to discuss its future.
Now I would like the have the chance meet with you in a webinar.
This will be an opportunity to discuss with me your thoughts about the ECPP.
To tell me of your concerns.
How would you like to see the ECPP develop?
What is the legal state of the ECPP?
How can we make our organisation more effective?
This will take place on WEDNESDAY, 26th June at 19 at 19:00 Moscow, 18:00 Vienna, 17:00 London time.
Places are limited – but, at the time of the meeting,  please click the link below to join the webinar: 
The format will be that;
  • I will be there to talk about the ECPP and to answer your questions;
  • You will be able to text in your questions – in English only, please;
  • Any questions I cannot answer, we will answer later on the ECPP website (;
  • There will be a moderator who will look after the ‘administration’ of the webinar;
  • The webinar will be recorded (so be careful what you say!) – and placed on the ECPP website.
If you have questions which you would like answered, please do let me know.
One last thing: I’ve never done this format before – so please forgive us if there are any technical glitches.
I look forward to meeting you online.
Adrian M. Rhodes,
President, ECPP