The European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies was founded and formally constituted in Lviv, Ukraine in 2003. It is an organisation and forum to promote the art and science of psychoanalytic psychotherapies for the benefit of the public and the profession.

ECPP is a member organisation of the European Association of Psychotherapy. It has been recognised and accepted as a European wide modality organisation of the European Association for Psychotherapy whose standards of training and practice are at an advanced, qualified and scientific level.  It has a place on the Governing board of of the European Association for Psychotherapy. ECPP is an association established under the Austrian Civil Law.

The inclusive ethos of the ECPP is clearly expressed in its founding statement:

“The ECPP is an organisation, whose purpose is to bring together all psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic organizations, based on the concepts of transference and resistance.”

ECPP is a dynamic Association which acts as an accrediting organisation for European psychoanalysts and works to maintain and promote standards, ethics and levels of professional practise among our members

The achievement of this purpose requires the ECPP to:-

  • To promote the wider provision of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies to the public.
  • To propagate the theory that psychoanalytic psychotherapies, as practiced in a specific culture, requires an understanding and appreciation of integration into that specific culture or society.
  •  To encourage education and research in order to more fully inform the professional field and the public
  • To contribute to public health by encouraging high standards of training, practise and ongoing education among its members.
  • To promote the dialogue and exchange of information among members of ECPP to further their intellectual, scientific, creative and social knowledge and practice in a manner similar to other fields of psychotherapy through many means including conferences, research and publications.
  • To obtain official recognition for the specialty of the psychoanalytic psychotherapies in various European countries.

Our activity is guided by accepted ethical principles of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical psychotherapy.

Since its founding in 2000 it has offered a lively scientific life. The Association and its highly trained members gather at conferences and scientific meetings to exchange ideas, present research papers, and discuss areas of common interest. These programs provide a forum for the exchange of new ideas and highlight the contribution of psychoanalytic principles in helping to understand important social problems. Conferences have taken place in: Slovenia,Paris France. St. Petersburg, Russia. Bucharest, Romania, Rome, Italy  Lviv,Ukraine

ECPP has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013 and its Honorary members include Horst Kaeckele, Christian Gaillard and Vamik Volkan.Ex-Presidents: Marcus Fah and Mikhail Reshetnikov.

As an organisation ECPP represents 20 countries throughout Eastern and Western Europe.


The membership includes training organisations ,national branches and individual members who have been awarded the category of membership practitioner, supervisor, training analyst throughout Europe.

The ECPP functions through 3 main bodies, which are:

  • The Executive Committee,  made up of 4 members: the President, the two Vice-Presidents the Treasurer,
  • The Governing Board, made up of delegates from each member country.
  • The General Assembly which takes place every two years.

The main documents which regulate the ECPP are:

The Code of Ethics

The Training Guidelines

The Code of Internal Policies

The Certification and Accreditation Code

All available on this website